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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 24, 2013 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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bratva came here cracking heads, looking for leo. a few hours later, he was dead. even if you do believe in coincidences, that one strains credulity, does it not? why would the bratva want to kill one of their own? he wasn't one of their own, hadn't been for quite some time. well, coincidence or not, leo's motorcycle crash was ruled an accident. i think it's time we looked at that crash site ourselves. taxi! and this time, we should get some proper help. (indistinct radio transmission) hope you got something good, dragging half the precinct out here. bell: apparently leo's old friends in the bratva found out he was hiding in new york. pretty sure they chose this spot for an unhappy reunion. found a couple of these, just over there. the tobacco is an admixture most commonly found in counterfeit cigarettes produced in moscow. whoever smoked these left more than just cigarettes. these are from a .45. we talked to a loan shark that leo borrowed money from. he told us that a bratva soldier by the name of grigori andrev
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came looking for him. we think he was the one who left these. there are some motorcycle tracks just over there to indicate leo banin left the scene in a hurry. you would, too, if grigori andrev was shooting at you. what the hell was leo banin doing way out here? we're not sure yet, but the headline is, the crash that killed him and the driver of the other vehicle was no accident. the highway patrol-- they didn't conduct a search this far back-- there was no apparent reason to. so they missed these casings. they also missed the bullets lodged in the telegraph pole and fence over there. now, the shots must have caused leo banin to swerve into a minivan, killing someone. you know how the bratva like to rotate their players after a job. we put the bolo for andrev out wide, tristate and chicago. gregson: wanted on suspicion of two wrongful deaths? watson: yeah, leo banin and a melissa aguire, the other driver. man: hey, i got something! holmes: grigori andrev.
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he's the one leo strangled. i guess you can cancel this. last time i checked, dead men couldn't pull triggers. gregson: so, if he didn't shoot at leo banin, who did? it's like you lwant to tellfind somethingen the world.special.ull triggers. shout it from the rooftops. show it off.
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new so good! from iams. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." "i'm very troubled by ken cuccinelli." "he tried to change virginia's divorce laws" "to prevent women from getting out of a bad marriage." "ken cuccinelli denies climate change exists" "and he used taxpayer dollars to investigate a uva professor doing research." "and cuccinelli tried to ban common forms of birth control." "even the pill." "even the pill." "ken cuccinelli is just way too extreme" "way too extreme" "way too extreme" "way too extreme for virginia."
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(insects buzzing loudly) (buzzing continues) that's a little loud. you know?
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(buzzing stops) studies have consistently shown that changes in one's surroundings, background noise, even the angle from which materials are viewed, can result in fresh insights. that was background noise to you, huh? were you able to reach the warsaw police? yes. and i got a pretty good idea why vitaly andropov changed his name to leo banin and left poland in 2005-- he stole 100,000 zlotys from his bratvian buddies. that's about 30 grand american, give or take. well, perhaps his past caught up with him the other day. anything from ballistics of note? not exactly what we were hoping for. those .45-caliber slugs taken from the scene match perfectly to bullets that we pulled out of a rico witness last year-- the guy was about to testify against the russians. rumor had it that grigori andrev was the triggerman. but he was not the shooter on this occasion. unless you think he was doing target practice before banin
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garroted him. no. the shots caused the crash, so they must have been fired after andrev's strangulation as leo fled the scene. some third party must have picked up the weapon and fired at leo's motorcycle as it sped away. shots went wide, but they caused him to swerve and crash. is joan up to speed on all this? she's gone with detective bell... to visit the good widow banin and explain the true circumstances of her husband's death. so, the man whose body you found, you believe he was trying to hurt leo? him and a partner, yeah. we have reason to believe that they were part of the same organization your husband used to work for. this idea that leo killed someone right before... it's been so hard to live with. i tried to pray for his soul, but... your partner turned out to be right. i couldn't forgive leo for abandoning our faith.
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but now you say it was self-defense. (sighs) it's a relief. (clears throat) (phone ringing) (sighs) dr. hawes, anything to report? the garrote wound is exactly as thick as the cuts on leo banin's hands. wire from earphone buds, if i had to guess. and? the initial toxicology report came back. it's interesting-- the deceased was on a carefully managed mixture of anti-anxiety and heart meds. thing is, you don't just take a handful of fluoxetine and a few ace inhibitors and hope for the best. these are medications that can only coexist in a delicate balance. are you saying that mr. andrev must have had a psychiatrist? figured you might want to track him or her down, see if they know any of the names of the people he worked with-- any luck, maybe you'll even find your shooter. (elevator bell dings) (phone ringing) sorry, dr. glassman is still on a call.
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he may be a while. he understands we are part of a police investigation, right? dr. glassman's office. are you sure this is the doctor that wrote the fluoxetine scrip for grigori andrev? captain gregson sent men to andrev's home. i'm told that dr. glassman's name was clearly legible on his pill bottles. oh. i'm supposed to meet jen. i'm gonna have to reschedule now. you spoke to her? about you? no. this is not the kind of news you break over the phone. he may have died, you know. tony. knowing him, it was something quite heroic. receptionist: excuse me, i'm sorry, but dr. glassman has an appointment with a patient in five minutes. maybe you could come back in an hour? no, i'm afraid i cannot; i will be dead by then. what? i've been feeling a bit down; i'm thinking of taking my own life posthaste. ms. watson here is beside herself about it. does that window open? i'm required by law to take you back to see the doctor if you make a threat like that.
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but you already knew that, didn't you? glassman: mr. holmes, is it? you're a police consultant? mm-hmm. this is my partner, joan watson, and i'm pleased to say she's just successfully treated my depression. oh, that's wonderful news. that means that you can leave now. i apologize for lying, but time is of the essence. we are in pursuit of a member of a dangerous criminal syndicate, the rukovskaya bratva. you treated one of them: grigori andrev. (quiet chuckle) you're smart enough to know that threatening suicide would get you in here; you're certainly smart enough to know that doctor-patient confidentiality prevents me from discussing... any living patients, yes, we know. but this one is dead. strangled by a male nurse he was attempting to assassinate. what? surely you're well acquainted with mr. andrev's sociopathy. you must have half expected this day to come. dr. glassman, we know that you treated him. your name is on the fluoxetine scrip.
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you have an obligation to waive privilege when there is legitimate concern about a client's criminal activity. i'm-i'm sorry. i, uh... (chuckles) i didn't want to treat grigori. he just showed up one day and said he had problems. when i realized what he was and who he worked for, i-i was just too afraid to cut ties. he was very careful about what he said here. he didn't discuss any of the particulars about his work. but... there was one name that-that just came up multiple times. um, marko zubkov. i gathered that he was grigori's right hand for certain... jobs. you guys squared away around back? we're just questioning the guy, right? is all of this really necessary? well, you saw his sheet: extortion, racketeering, three unsolved disappearances. marko zubkov deserves the full treatment.
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he's what we call a "bad guy"" i don't know why you're complaining. you make it work. sasha zubkov? nypd. we're here for marko. (tv playing) marko, you look cozy. can i see that hand? (tv clicks off) what is this? it's a murder investigation. a man you knew as vitaly andropov. where were you three nights ago? sunday night? i'd rather not relive it. you're gonna have to. if not here, then at the station. (clicks tongue) impossible. the doctors say i'm not supposed to walk. what doctors? the ones who operated on me.
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you wanted to know where i was sunday night? i was in a hospital. because saturday night i was mugged by a guy with a knife. i lunged for the bastard, he stabbed me twice. if you don't believe me, please call the hospital. they'll tell you. i was there the whole time. they'll tell you. i wanted to ask you a couple questions.card. i've got nothing to hide. my bill's due today and i haven't paid yet. you can pay up 'til midnight online or by phone the day it's due. got a witness to verify that? just you. you called me. ok, that checks out. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card with payment flexibility.
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how did it go at the hospital? well, zubkov's story checks out. three nights ago, he limped into the e.r. with two stab wounds to his leg and a tourniquet tied just below his groin to stop some serious bleeding from his femoral. claimed he was mugged. what about the police report? there was not much to it. cops who came took a statement and a couple of pictures of the wound. zubkov didn't check out until last night. how's it going here? there are over 70 men with bratva ties in the nypd's photo manager system. those are only the ones who've been arrested. the real number of bratva men in the tristate area would be difficult to approximate. the man who shot at leo the night of his deadly accident might not even be here. (sighs) okay, that is... depressing enough for me. i'm gonna go to bed. have you given any more thought to the "dead tony" idea? okay, that is not an idea. that is just another lie. while i detest nothing more than willful ignorance, i have come to believe that in certain matters, ignorance bestowed can be a gift.
10:50 pm
your friend jan-- she seemed like a nice person. she deserves neither shame nor heartbreak. okay, first of all, her name is jen, not jan. and regarding shame and heartbreak, you should have thought of that a year ago. you're quite certain someone with zubkov's injuries couldn't have snuck out of the hospital for just a few hours? not without starting up the bleeding again and not without being seen. wouldn't be the first person to sneak undetected from a hospital-- i've done it myself. yeah. well, you have never had injuries like that. mm. this is the tourniquet? yeah. probably saved his life. we've been operating under a misconception. i think it's possible that the attack on leo was not the first attempt the bratva made on his life, but the second. if i'm right... i may also know who shot at him that night. gregson: thank you for waiting, mrs. banin-- i know you've been here quite a while. i owe you more than patience. your officers have been very kind to me.
10:51 pm
they said you had some questions. holmes: we do. (sighs) all right. (clears throat) is this... a man? obviously it is a man. good. does he have a nose? yes. excellent. i don't understand. who was that? why did you show me his picture? oh, come on, you know marko zubkov. you saved his life when he tried to kill your husband. (sighs) do you recognize... that? it's the tourniquet you tied around marko's leg after leo stabbed it. you know how we know? because of the fabric. it's the same as the drapes in your living room. holmes: we've been wondering how the bratva found leo after so many years in hiding; turns out the answer was right in front of us-- you told them where he was. you let mr. zubkov into your home before you left the other day,
10:52 pm
so he could lie in wait. this was saturday, before the accident. holmes: only leo turned out to be quite formidable, didn't he? he was much more than mr. zubkov could handle, even with the element of surprise. leo fought him off, stabbed him in the leg, and fled. you came home, expecting to find a dead husband. instead, you find a mobster bleeding to death on your floor. gregson: the tourniquet you rigged up from your drapes saved his life, so congrats. you told us your husband called you shortly before he died, only it wasn't to tell you that he loved you-- it was to tell you that he'd been attacked, it wasn't safe, and to meet him in far rockaway. holmes: so you hatched a plan with grigori andrev. he would get there first, lie in wait, you would meet with leo, you distract him, so that andrev could attack him. must have shocked you to see your husband in action, dispensing with andrev. shocked and scared you, 'cause now he knows that you're in on it. so you don't have a choice. as leo flees... you picked up andrev's gun. watson: you missed, but the shots fired were enough to cause the crash and kill an innocent woman.
10:53 pm
this is an outrage. i loved my husband. that man out there-- i've never seen him before in my life. right. so you won't mind that he just saw you looking at a picture of him, nodding in the affirmative to questions posed by the police. why are you doing this to me? why do you try to get me in trouble? the reason we had you waiting so long this morning is because we needed time to search your home. we got a warrant-- we found the evidence for the attack on your husband. bullet holes in your wall and bloodstains on your carpet. you covered the bullet holes up with pictures, but... the bloodstains, you missed a bit. no. if what you say is true, there was an attack, these men, these mobsters, they cleaned it. oh, i'm sorry, they hung new stuff on your walls and you didn't notice? you can either keep lying to us, or you give us zubkov. you don't, we're gonna let you both go, and we're just gonna build our case. you can take your chances with the bratva on the outside.
10:54 pm
leo had his secrets, but i knew enough; i forgave. that's what we are taught to do. but not him. he couldn't forgive when he found out what brought me to the church. i needed money when i was young. i did... movies. to pay to come to america, i had to. one of his friends, he saw these films, and then... it was over. leo asked me for a divorce. we put every penny into that nursing home, and now he's going to leave? and i will have nothing? no. i knew there was a price on his head,
10:55 pm
so... i made the call. hi. hey. sherlock told me everything. wha...? h-he came to see you? earlier today. he apologized, and he made it very clear that you had no idea what he'd done until the other day. i was really impressed, by they way-- the way you tracked him down, finding that footage... jen, i know that you thought he was the one, but... no, no, no, joan, it's okay. seriously. i-i... appreciate you getting to the bottom of it, but i... i have closure now. it happened again. you slept with him. what? no. yes. you are such a terrible liar! (sighs) okay, i guess this is what i get, being friends with a detective. he just was so sweet about everything and making sure that things were right between you and me
10:56 pm
and telling the truth... and getting in your pants. actually... i came on to him. but here's the good news. now i know it was totally superficial. that guy is completely out of my system. (door closes) well, you were right, watson. honesty-- unquestionably the best policy. i want you to know i think it's really great, you doing what you did today for jen, so she can finally have a baby-- i don't think i've ever seen her so happy. she did tell you she was ovulating, right? i almost had you. yes, almost. captioning sponsored by cbs and ford. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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toyota. let's go places. >> be cannot been we cannot be putting walls up average virginia. and he's all puffy and no campaign. >> and speaking of dirty, russ ptacek's food alert. a pizza chain and even a candy
10:59 pm
store with violations that just might make you sick. >> and new tricks from our precious panda cub. see what she's doing now. >> good evening. i'm derek mcginty. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. we're going to get to all of those stories in just a moment. but first we have the goldest -- coldest air we've seen in six months. >> first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is in the weather center because it is too cold to be outside. >> it is. and they expanded the freeze warning for pretty much the entire metro area. i just tweeted this out about 10 minutes ago. it covers southern maryland and points to the bay. i think if you are against the water on the west side of the bay, you won't see a freeze. but temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s inland. so they've covered other areas. down to the south, fredericksburg, a freeze warning for tomorrow night. and temperatures downtown in the upper 30s tonight but
11:00 pm
already 37 in bethesda. 38 in reston. 33 in germantown. but the winds have died down. that is one of the key ingredients. 30 in rockville tonight, 30 in fairfax, 38 downtown. 35 in college park and 36 in waldorf. we'll come back and talk about whether we'll see another frost or freeze on friday night and look ahead to the weekend. >> you are the man, top, thank you. and breaking news out of north carolina. an accident at the state fair in raleigh. witnesses say something went wrong on a ride called the vortex. at least five people were thrown off that ride. can you imagine? >> no. >> they've been taken to the hospital with potentially serious injuries, as you can imagine. first responders still on the scene and that section of the fair has been shut down. >> rough night at fairgrounds. the candidate for governor is doing damage control of his own. tonight it is all about a picture from a house party with a lot of teen-agers. >> that is one of the stories making headlines in your world
11:01 pm
in 90 seconds. >> shirtless teens gyrating, a young woman twerking in between them and red dixie cups looking like beer and doug gasler in the mix of something from a scene from animal house. >> i did see red cups around. i was reading a text. can i assume alcohol was there, i can't say. >> a couple thrown out of place they've been at for more than 40 years. their story affected viewers. >> i paid the back rent and i would pay the difference in the upcoming year's rent. >> merkel is famous for her attachment to her cell phone. it turns out the nsa seemed to
11:02 pm
have liked it too. german intelligence said they are finding out more. >> a captain and chief engineer of this boat were taken hostage. >> the prince released photos. and this is a picture for the ages. queen elizabeth and three future kings, princes charles, william and george. >> tonight there are questions about why the man who shot a howard county police officer was not in jail or on parole, 29-year-old stephon prather opened fire on the officers and debra alfarone has been digging into his past for tonight's big
11:03 pm
story. >> reporter: 29-year-old stephon prather already had a theft charge in his pocket when cops say he showed up to this house in june 2006. they say he took out a gun, fired a couple of bullets and at, of all people, his own family. >> we saw what happened with the howard count police officer. >> reporter: law enforcement experts are helping us connect the dots. >> he got probation that was suspended and he got out in three years due to a drug treatment plan. ben bill who runs our assignment desk noticed something interesting. it looks like he was arrested in 2011 in north carolina. it looks like cops tried to pull him over and they found out he broke into a home. but he was on probation in 2011. >> he is involved in the state of north carolina with serious felony charges and for whatever reason there was a break down
11:04 pm
where they didn't notify the maryland department of parole and probation. >> reporter: if they did would he would be serving that ten year sentence and out of police cross hairs. >> had they done that in a timely planner, the state may have been able to file a violation of probation warrant and had this individual arrested and brought before the criminal justice system. >> reporter: our last stop took us to this home. this is where stephon prather lived back in 2006, tonight no one is answering the door. deborah debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> howard county police say the officer is doing well. >> an assault of two women on and near the noble community college campus in loud county and both times the victims say a man fitting this description tried to hug and kiss them. the suspect is in his 20s.
11:05 pm
he's 46 tractor-trailer and has an athletic build and short black hair. if you know that face, call cops. the two major party candidates met for their third and final debate. peggy fox is covering the race, so any surprises tonight. >> there was much more of an emphasis on guns tonight because the debate took place and sponsored by virginia tech. scene of the worse matt shooting in -- mass shooting in history. >> terry mcauliffe said he visited the memorial to the 32 slain victims gunned down by sung wee cho 6 years ago. he supports background checks at gun shows, his opponent does not. >> my opponent would like to say i got an f. with the nra. i don't care what kind of grade i get. >> we need to address mental health across our society
11:06 pm
because it is nearly impossible to find the person before it happens. >> we have got to stop this attack on women, we have got to stop this attack on gay virginians, we cannot be putting walls up around virginia. >> and cuccinelli criticized mcauliffe with obamacare. >> it is freezing companies in place. >> both said they want to create jobs and grow the economic. >> my tax cut plan which would grow 58,000 new jobs, reduce the personal income tax to 5% and the business income tax to 4%. >> reporter: couchibely said he will -- cuccinelli said he will cut out tax loopholes but doesn't say which one. >> he doesn't say how he will pay for it, it will come out of education. >> and mcauliffe makes his own promises, pre-k, reform in the s.o.l., teacher pay, financial
11:07 pm
aid and higher ed, i think that is the proven way to do budgeting. >> but he can possibly expand medicaid. >> i like those too. and i like puppies. but i don't bring a puppy home without a plan for dealing with that puppy. guess what my house will look like. and he's all puppy. >> polls are showing mcauliffe ahead by 7%s, robert sarvis was not invited to participate because he was not polling high enough but he is taking support away from the other candidates, both of whom have high negative polling numbers. election day is november 5th. it is getting close. >> certainly is. and virginia voters casting absentee ballots can do the next two saturday. you have to show up in person with the proper i.d.
11:08 pm
call your local reggist rar for the exact hours. >> you needed a chart to follow all of the finger pointing after a meeting about and we've told you about the glitches. today lawmakers were drilling the private contractors who billed -- built the site. some took part of the blame and others pointed to other contractors. some said the obama administration rushed the job. >> more testing always helps thing kind of things. >> we are not excited nor are we pleased with what we delivered on october 1st, but in principal it worked. >> today's hearing is far from the end of the story. next weeks members of the obama administration will occupy the hot seats. >> and guess who owes the irs a fortune in back taxes? private contractors who work with the irs. that is who. the agencies inspector general found that nearly 700 employees
11:09 pm
of those irs contractors owe some back taxes amounting to $5.4 million. that is right, $5.4 million. and under an irs policy, more than half of those workers should not even be allowed to work with the irs because they are not enrolled in installment plans to pay the taxes they owe. >> tonight chilling details of a high school teachers murder in a boston suburb still leaves many more questions. 14-year-old philip chism followed his math teacher into a bathroom and killed her and dump her body near the woods. then he went to eat fast food and see a movie. the teacher had asked chism to stay after to get math help the day he killed her. he has pleaded not guilty. >> and scagel will have to put up with prison food for a
11:10 pm
little while longer. he is halfway through a 20 year sentence. but yesterday a judge granted him a new trial. claiming that the defense attorney did not do his job. today's his new attorney asked to release his client on the bond -- on bond. the judge will hold a hearing on the matter next week. >> we are just getting started on wusa 9. >> and tonight we have a problem with rodent remnants and a whole lot more that is appetizing. >> and tighter restrictions on a popular pain killer. >> and an
11:11 pm
gun without a background check.. ithe dangerously mentally ill. criminals. endangering our families. ken cuccinelli opposed closing the gun show loophole - against comprehensive background checks at gun shows for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. siding with the nra and undermining law enforcement. no wonder the washington post calls cuccinelli polarizing, provocative and partisan. cuccinelli. too extreme for virginia independence usa pac sponsored this ad.
11:12 pm
>> in tonight's health alert, the fda said this is an epidemic. misuse of prescription pain pills and it is time to clamp down. the fda recommending tighter restrictions. someone who takes a hydrocodone pain killer could only get a 90 day supply instead of the current 180 days and to refills without a doctor visit. that new policy could take effect next year. >> well from one of america's best loved pizza joints to one of the areas most popular
11:13 pm
malls. >> russ ptacek tracks down health code violations for tonight's restaurant alert. >> we start here in the corridor in an alley behind 9th street where inspectors found problems so big out here they shut down restaurants in there. this restaurant was suspended with violations including numerous rodent rat burrow and operating without a permit. >> inspectors closed papa john's with food at hazardous temperatures. they were cited for not staffing anyone certified in food safety but when we were there we found a card carrying manager on duty. >> thank you very much. >> also on george avenue, in spectors shut down sleeve
11:14 pm
citing several repeat violations -- 7-eleven citing several repeat violations, including no hot water at the required 110 degrees. and they were cited for food temperatures that could make you sick, like sausage and pizza at 116 degrees, instead of the required 140. >> where will we find the owners? >> you're looking at him. >> the owner wouldn't let us look around and wouldn't talk to the media. >> so you are asking us to leave? >> yep. >> all right. >> this is the third 7-eleven closer in weeks, other for vermin. they are asking all stores in the d.c. area to say for pests immediately or as soon as possible. >> on flagler place northwest, flagler market baz was cited with no running water and floors dirty throughout. and when we showed up, the door was locked and the closure
11:15 pm
notice was still posted. at westwood wheaton mall they closedumy candy for not staffing anyone trained in food safety and no running water. but when we were there. >> can you show me the water works. the manager said she has passed the food safety training course and with waiting for her certificate. on bladensberg road northeast, the grocery section at this valoro was closed due to no water supply and excessive amount of trash. on pennsylvania avenue northwest, investigators closed the food court vendor washington quick pita citing five violations. >> is the manager or owner around. >> right now he's not here. >> there was a sewage back-up and food stored on the floor in the walk-in refrigerator. a worker put us on the phone with the man who said he was the boss who told us he did not want us looking inside of his vendor space here at the old post office. i'm russ ptacek, wusa 9.
11:16 pm
>> all of the restaurants except for flagler and valoro have passed inspection and are back in business. if you would like to know which restaurants have been cited, follow russ ptacek on twitter or facebook. >> i can't believe they shut down the candy store. >> dozens of students and teachers recovering after they were exposed to carbon monoxide at langley elementary which had to be evacuated after levels of carbon monoxide were too high. 56 students and 20 adults had to be treated. they believe a faulty boiler was the culprit. and langley will also be closed tomorrow. >> and now to prince george's county where a small group of demonstrators are making noise, protesting for a wal-mart to be built on the road. they want it placed near johnson high school and protestors say the location, they claim, could compromise kid safety. >> oxon hill road has a lot of
11:17 pm
traffic, oxon hill road with wal-mart here, you're talking about trucks, you're tacking about -- talking about children walking, talking about the safety of the children. >> a wal-mart spokesperson tells us, quote, we think our stores can be part of the solution for communities and look forward to providing our customers in the area with more convenient shopping options that include both fresh affordable food and a wide assortment of general merchandise. >> high temperatures today, only 54. average high is still 66. so well be low average. our live michael and son weather cam. looking at clear to partly cloudy skies. temperature 45 downtown. dew point comes up but again we mentioned this early, the dew point is a good number as to how low it can get at night. winds calming down to about 7. at the bus stop, 29-36 for the
11:18 pm
kids. hopefully you laid out the sweatshirts before they went to bed. no scraping on the windshield. for the most part just a freeze as opposed to a heavy frost. a blustery day on friday. just like today. and cold for high school football tomorrow night. if you are going to inspect ate, bundle up, 30s and 40s for the second half. freeze likely. lows 29-39. winds calm down northwest at about 5-10. the last time we've been 32 or lower back in april 4th, we were 31 downtown. may 14th dulles got down to 32 but balt also april 4th at about 25 degrees. so about six months. 32 in bethesda. low 30s in rockville. 30 in fairfax, 35 in springfield. to the west, i think you could see 29 in leesberg or 29 or 30 in laytonsville and olney and up toward laurel about 32. by morning, mostly sunny and breezy and cold. grab a jacket.
11:19 pm
winds kick up again tomorrow that is why it is blustery. northwest 10-15. temperatures in the 40s through 11:00. by 1:00 we are looking at temperatures in the low 50s. but winds kick up west northwest at 1 and a few clouds will return tomorrow afternoon. so we have 53 tomorrow. 59 on saturday. respectable but cool. nice for the terps game. a few clouds come in late and still cool on sunday. temperatures fall a little bit, mid to upper 50s. next 7 days, we go back into the 60s on monday and tuesday. beautiful days really. and then next wednesday and thursday, clouds increase but even warmer. 70 on wednesday, rain showers develop late wednesday or wednesday night and should carry on into thursday with temperatures in the low 70s. so we will rebound. that is a pretty big range of temperature. >> it is. >> we are our substitute in tonight. >> just call me the rell vet
11:20 pm
fog. welcome to an abnormal sports report. a look at sports figures and popularity is worth staying and i sponsored this ad. candidate for attorney general, if you think ken cuccinelli would take virginia in the wrong direction, wait til you meet his attorney general candidate senator obenshain. like cuccinelli, obenshain believes politicians should dictate our most personal decisions they cosponsored a bill together to ban the birth control pill; and outlaw abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. cuccinelli and obenshain: together - a dangerously wrong turn for virginia
11:21 pm
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11:23 pm
the nfl and the olympic, accounted for 49 of the 50 most watched sporting events last year. 49 out of 50. the world series didn't make that list. so why are we so captivated by some sports and not by others. well sports psychologists say we watch who we recognize. so which sports figures do you truly recognize? we asked that question tonight and get some pretty fascinating and funny feedback. take a listen. >> you are from? >> the area. >> from the area. >> he's on parole. [ laughter ] >> who was that, jackie? >> kevin costner. >> that is not the guy who plays tony sparks. >> he is from ironman.
11:24 pm
>> matt -- i don't know this one. >> who is that guy. >> that is a good question. i don't know. >> i have no idea. never seen him before. >> never? you have seen this guy before. >> i don't know who he is. >> he has dated some of the most famous women in the world. >> what? >> drew bledsoe. >> you think that is drew bledsoe. >> oh, yeah, that is tom brady. >> he's a hot football player, everybody knows that, come on. >> i think he is a golfer. i don't know his name. >> phil mickelson? >> he doesn't play football. >> name three guys in the world series. >> who is playing? >> name three people in the world series, go; you're killing me right now. >> let me give you a hint. discount double check. have you ever seen that commercial? >> no.
11:25 pm
>> kobe bryant. his fame surpasses the circle of sports. [ laughter ] >> i think we'll leave it at that. >> tim tebow was recognized by everyone. >> really? >> lebron james and payton manning were recognized by 86%, venus williams and tom brady and aaron rodgers recognize by 58%. fill nicholson 50 partly sunny and i'm surprised about this. >> and what about phil nicholson. >> and our game week of the poll, oakland at [ inaudible ]. tomorrow night at 11:00. we had a lot of fun with that tonight. >> he promised abnormal and did he deliver? i think he delivered the abnormal. >> i have to speak into derek's
11:26 pm
chest. i lost my mic. >> 8,000 voters. >> all "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." "i'm very troubled by ken cuccinelli." "he tried to change virginia's divorce laws" "to prevent women from getting out of a bad marriage."
11:27 pm
"ken cuccinelli denies climate change exists" "and he used taxpayer dollars to investigate a uva professor doing research." "and cuccinelli tried to ban common forms of birth control." "even the pill." "even the pill." "ken cuccinelli is just way too extreme" "way too extreme" "way too extreme" "way too extreme for virginia."
11:28 pm
11:29 pm
>> in tonight's streaming we find video worth watching at d.c. national zoo where you can never get too much panda cam. but tonight, before our very eyes, the as yet unnamed female panda cub rolling on her stomach. this looks like baby's first steps here, folks. look at her. >> it is. >> she'll be


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